Sunday, December 2, 2007

Etsy Holiday Guide: Jewelry

The arm is still not great so unfortunately I can only tell you about a few of my favorites.

We'll start with starry designs, known for her adorable hand wrapped birds nest designs. I love the little Robins Nest Earrings with the sweet blue amazonite beads in a bed of silver wire. So darling!

When it comes to glassworks, LingGlass delivers. She's from Singapore and is a stay-at-home mom who also sells on Etsy. She's been working with glass jewelry for more than 10 years and is quite skilled with the soldering iron. She's also super-nice and friendly!

Another great glass jewelry designer is Fiery Lion Designs. Caryn is based in Milwaukee, WI. She's trained as a silversmith and has been making jewelry for the past 12 years. Her designs are simple, clean and perfect. My favorite item in her collection are the Irish Flowers set against a deep green glass backing.

For something a little funky and kitchy cute, check out Imogen. Aurora and her sister make adorable little pendants with fun prints and a resin topping. My favorite is her, "Hello, my name is..." line that might be available upon request.

For metalsmiths, I turn to Stamp. Clare Stoker-Ring's designs are simple, understated and oh-so-elegant. She brings together, "the bright colors of her native Africa and the sparkle of city lights in her adopted home." I love her Constellation Cuff with it's simple beautiful design. Also check out her Volcanic Blooms earrings, torch fired with red enamel and accented with fused 24kt gold.

For some high-end fabulousness, check out the famous (and fabulous) 1ofmykind. These gorgeous pieces have graced the necks and ears of a number of celebrities, including, Fergie, Jessica Alba, Christine Lakin, Kelly Monaco, Tracey Edwards, Marissa Miller, Jolie Fisher and Anne Heche to name a few. The unique metal wrapping is a technique that adds a vintage and organic feel.

For something high-end and classy, visit Passementerie.

Passementerie [pahs-mahn-tree]

* a decoration or adornment.
* ornate trimming of braid, cord, bead, etc.
* a collection of artisan fine jewelry.

All these pieces are made with gorgeous gemstones, beautiful sea pearls, sterling silver, and gold and platinum. Absolutely fabulous.

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Happy shopping!

Images for each of these shops were lifted from their etsy site

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