Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Chachkis Forest: The saga continues...

When I first heard about the Giant Microbes (stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes a million times actual size) I thought to myself, "Well, that's creative!" I also could not believe people actually make money off such an idea. Yet, over the years, the company has expanded its repertoire. One can buy The Common Cold, The Flu, Sore Throat, a number of exotic disease microbes as well as some calamities. Imagine sending your boss a Black Death microbe or a plush Ebola!

Our Chachkis Forest is home to a number of little critters: The Cough is a cute, yellow, rectangular shaped plush microbe, the Ear Ache is a pinkish double budded-looking organism and the Common Cold comes in bright blue. Despite being rather silly (in a nerdy kind of way), I have to say these little plush toys are terribly cute! They even come with a little informational card. Designed after their microscopic images and colored based upon their stain, these cuddly companions have made very friendly additions to our window sill.
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