Thursday, December 6, 2007

Etsy Holiday Guide: Bath Products

I've posted on SugarLips before, but I love her stuff so much I had to write about the shop again! My favorite moisturizer by far is the vegan-friendly, ultra-creamy whipped body butter in olive blossom. While sitting in a lecture hall one of my classmates leaned over to remark on the subtle but lovely scent I was wearing.

"Perfume?" she asked.
"No, olive blossom lotion from SugarLips!" I answered.

TwinDreamsCreations is a sister team based in Michigan. They make fun glycerin soaps in all sorts of funky shapes. The fortune cookie shaped soaps have a fortune embedded inside of them that dissolves once it touches water. Other shapes include a purple octopus, bright fushia flowers and puzzle pieces!

Since we're all in a lather, I should mention Karen's Soaps, another shop that specializes in fun glycerin shapes. Wouldn't this little rubber ducky make for a good stocking stuffer? Or perhaps the adorable fish-in-a-bag?

Be sure to check out the other editions of the Etsy Holiday Guide on Chic&Charming!!! And remember, etsy sellers require extra time for holiday shipping.

Happy shopping!


Images for each of these shops were lifted from their etsy site

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Twin Dream Creations said...

We appreciate being listed in your guide! Awesome postings! Thank you.