Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Kevin!

It was a Friday night and I was home alone enjoying the end of the week. Sometime around 11pm our door buzzer went off. It's one of those old school buzzers that sounds somewhere between a fog horn and a fire alarm, only more obnoxious. I wasn't expecting anyone in particular except perhaps my boyfriend who might have forgotten his keys. I waited a bit. It could have just been someone trying to get into the building. Our supe had warned us about the homeless guys who will buzz just to get in from the cold. I was wary. The buzzer went off again, this time in rapid succession. Obviously the person wasn't going away. Thinking it could be the boyfriend I finally got up off the couch. After all, the boyfriend had been on a scatterbrained streak this week. He'd spent an entire hour searching the town for a scarf I knitted for him last Christmas. Picture a very cold, wet 6'2 guy towering over the girls at the gym rather pitifully explaining to them just how long I had spent knitting that scarf and asking if they'd seen it. Turned out the scarf was in the backpack he'd been carrying around with him on this devoted search. But I digress...

The buzzer was going off and I had to do something about it. I pressed the button and asked politely,

"Who is it?"

"It's Kevin!" chirped a cheerful voice.

He didn't sound like a homeless guy, but you never know. Seeing as I didn't actually KNOW anyone by that name I figured he must be a neighbor who'd forgotten his keys.

"Which apartment are you in?"

"25!" another cheerful chirp.

Now I knew he was lying. I live in apartment 25. Probably drunk, maybe just confused, he must be related to my neighbor one floor up (see previous posting.) I really couldn't be bothered, so I switched off the buzzer, double checked the locks on my door and went back to watching TV on the couch.

The next day my boyfriend got the following email:

Subject: I think...

I showed up wasted at your apartment last night looking for a party. Rough. Sorry. I'll be there tonight if I get back from Roller Derby early enough.

If he had only mentioned he was friends with my boyfriend, I would have let him in out of the cold. Although that would have been awkward, seeing as our holiday party wasn't until the next day.


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