Friday, December 28, 2007

The Power of Suggestion

Today in the mail I received two packages...from myself! After many years of believing that I am not a petty consumer and that I actually do have my own sense of style, I've realized that I am a completely dependent on the power of suggestion. Here's how it works:

Example A: I read a Chic&Charming blog entry. Note the red suede clutch and silk handbag.

Several months later I found myself buying said red suede clutch and the silk handbag (in black.) They were on sale and happened to match my new dresses (which, incidentally, were purchased after much discussion with Sophia of Chic&Charming.)

Example B: pequitobun (need I say more?)

Almost a year later and I am still making jewelry for fun, buying bits and baubles here and there and always running out of brass chain when I need it.

Example C: Just today I read a blog entry on the benefits of brining chicken.

I haven't actually attempted this as of yet (I have no chicken on hand.) But if I did, that chicken would be sitting in a plastic baggie of salty/sugared water even as I type.

Then again, maybe it's not so much that I am at the whim of other people's blogs and more that I really love their sense of style, skill or creativity. Maybe that's why we're friends to begin with? In any case, I think I might go see how well this new handbag matches that dress and whether or not I can make a new pair of earrings to go with the whole shebang, all the while roasting a brined chicken in the oven...

Ah, the power of suggestion.

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