Thursday, May 28, 2009

Packed and Loaded

After spending the last week sorting, tossing, wrapping and boxing, we are packed and ready to load. One of the miracles of getting a real job (or having a partner with a real job) is that you can pay people to move your stuff. After our last move across town we pretty much maxed out our friendship favors so it's just as well.

Everything I need to survive is now in a pile on the floor of my room - one big, messy pile of STUFF. To make things a little more complicated, we are going on a month-long backpacking trip through Ecuador before moving to the big corn state. This of course meant a trip to EMS (it really is too bad I'll be unemployed for the next two months - hiking supplies are so expensive!) Inevitably I re-bought a number of items I thought I had lost (headlamp, money belt, moisture wick shirts) so we are (doubly) good to go.

While I know shopping is entirely impractical given that we will be living out of packs and suitcases for the next two months, I am having a hard time resisting doing a little more etsy perusing. Bonzie just came out with a fresh line of summer tops!