Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Etsy Holiday Guide: Clothing

Circular Accessories makes unique hand silkscreened clothing for men, women and children. Alison, the creator, works from Baton Rouge, LA. She's a mom and petowner with loads of silkscreening talent. She prints everything herself using a table top press and can do custom orders upon request. Many of her pieces are done on American Apparel so items will be soft and comfortable the first time you wear them. My favorite print is her giant goldfish, although she carries a variety of images from pirate ships to bumblebees! Looking for even more inspiration? She also keeps a blogsite of her favorite finds!

For the cutest, hipest arm warmers, check out Danielle DIY. This self-proclaimed amateur ornithologist and seamster by trade loves to untie knots. She also makes some fabulous arm warmers out of stretchy cotton lycra or synthetic sweatshirt fleece. This girl's uber popular though, so you might not be able to get an order in before Christmas! (Why not make it a post-holiday gift?!)

For a little more high end design, check out bonzie. These items are romantic vintage and totally one-of-a-kind! I adore the Irish Tweed Corset Belt and the Couture Victorian Ruffled Scarf. Every item is artfully constructed, with a "blend of neovictorian steampunk and deconstructed elements!"

You can read about how Bonzie, the independent Irish fashion label, creates her couture pieces from thrifted remnants of clothing on her blog site. She makes some fabulous dresses, wrist cuffs and corsets so check out the selection (those available on Etsy and those long since sold...)

Although this might not fall strictly under the "clothing" heading of my blog entry, I have to mention Boudoir Queen. Creations by Dawn Younger-Smith have been featured in over twenty magazine publications including Elle magazine. Using fabrics and trims from Paris she constructs gorgeous cuffs, neck ornaments, purses and other couture items. Her work has been worn by the likes of Patty Griffin, Molly Simms, Vanessa Paradis and Imogen Heap just to name a few. If you've ever wanted a fabulous pair of feathered knickers or an ostrich feather pillbox hat, here is the place to find it! Personally, I am partial to the line of decorative cuffs and gloves made of lace, velvet, French netting and vintage ribbons.
Images for each of these shops were lifted from their etsy site

Be sure to check out the other editions of the Etsy Holiday Guide on Chic&Charming!!! And remember, etsy sellers require extra time for holiday shipping.

Happy shopping!


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