Thursday, December 6, 2007

Etsy Holiday Guide: Fuzzies and Fluffies

For some soft and gorgeous knitting material, stop by NORTH STAR ALPACAS. For every yarn product you'll see photos of the adorable Alpaca who so generously contributed his/her fiber. Maple has a herd of 10 alpacas along with a number of other furry and feathered animals. Buy something from her and you might get an email saying she’ll send off your purchase just as soon as she’s done with the morning chores. The yarn is hand spun, hand dyed and incredibly soft and warm to the touch. Make something fun and send a photo of your work for her blog site.

I may be pushing my late twenties, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a cute plush animal when I see one! At Sweetestpea’s Fat Creations one can find all sorts of unique, loveable and fat critters. I love the funny, fat, one-eyed monsters named Albert. Described as “one of those guys who is always one step behind when it comes to jokes, he doesn’t get most of them and laughs right after everyone else. Just because he's a little slow, doesn't mean he isn't a good companion. He will always laugh at your jokes because he's afraid he'll be left out.” Aw...also in stock are a range of fat penguins, fat rice balls, fat hedgehogs and fat chicks. To see where Jen gets some of her inspiration, check out her hubby’s blog site!

Staceyrebecca makes one-of-a-kind hand and finger puppets. My favorite (of course) is the set of 5 green and speckled felt frogs that come with a speckled log. Also available are some more elaborate puppets with a very Sesame Street appeal.

One of my co-workers introduced me to Original Sock Dogs. For those of us who can’t accommodate a real dog just yet, Original Sock Dogs and Cats might be the answer! These little pups are handcrafted by Stacey Hsu to help raise money for the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. Adopt a sock (or felted) pet and help support a wonderful no-kill shelter! You might adopt Jericho:

Born: November 11, 2007
Breed: Beagle/Lab mix, striped socks
Height: 9" (sitting)

Give Jericho a good home and help a homeless pet!

Check out their website and blog (where you'll see photos of sock dogs as well as REAL dogs!)

Be sure to check out the other editions of the Etsy Holiday Guide on Chic&Charming!!! And remember, etsy sellers require extra time for holiday shipping.

Happy shopping!

Images for each of these shops were lifted from their etsy site

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