Friday, December 21, 2007

The Chachkis Forest: The saga begins...

In the beginning, the Jade plant took over the window.
And it grew without bounds; and darkness was upon the graduate students. And the plant towered over them, dropping leaves upon their faces.
And the graduate students said, Let there be light: and they cut back the branches and there was light.
And they saw the sunlight through the window, and it was good: the Jade plant continued to grow between them and the window...

...And the graduate students said, let the Jade plant grow and let creatures that are random, toys that serve no purpose appear on the windowsill as well.
And chachkis were collected, rearranged and piled upon one another, the Jade plant continued to grow: and it was so.
And the Sunshine Buddy swayed its head, the eggling grew petunias, and the chachkis multiplied on the sill.
And the graduate students saw everything that had been collected, and behold, it was all very random...

Meet the inhabitants of the Chachkis Forest!

The Sunshine Buddy:
Sunshine Buddies come in assorted friendly colors. These little guys require no batteries as they are completely solar powered. Our Buddy sits on the windowsill beneath Mr. Prickly and has a relaxing swaying motion that keeps us calm and helps the plants grow.

The eggling:
These precious, little egglings look and feel like an extra large egg, but crack open their top and watch your herbs or flowers grow! (Note: watering is required.) Our petunia variety grew to incredible heights before it dried up and crumbled (but not before giving off hundreds of seeds for new petunia plants to grow!)

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