Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday Drink Guide: Sparkling Pear

I had an opportunity to showcase this gorgeous drink last night at our holiday party:

pear brandy cocktails

adapted from Gourmet | October 2007

Makes 1 drink.

1 sugar cube
1/2 ounce pear brandy
chilled Prosecco
pear slice

Add the pear brandy to your prettiest Champagne flute. Fill the rest of the glass with Prosecco. Drop in a cube of sugar and watch the fizzies bubble up the glass! Garnish with a slice of pear.

The drink has a wonderful aroma, yet it's a deliciously dry, grown-up drink that will perfectly complement a dish of mixed nuts or a nice cheese plate. The sugar cube adds a festive touch - perfect for the holidays!


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