Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving should be spent vegging out in front of the TV, watching TopChef reruns, or braving the malls for those Black Friday sales. Instead, I spent the day parked in front of my crappy laptop trying to write a paper due that evening. I was also preparing for Thanksgiving dinner number 2. Here's more-or-less how my day went:

10.15 am: Sit in front of laptop and stare at screen.
10:20 am: Feel heart palpitations and convince yourself it is all in your head.
10:22 am: Stare at screen some more.
10:23 am: Consider how heart attacks CAN in fact occur in younger people.
10:24 am: Realize that announcing your fear of heart palpations and heart attack could be misconstrued.
10:25 am: Mix up batter for Devil's food chocolate cake (see previous posting.)
10:45 am: Sit in front of laptop.
10:50 am: Think about all the shopping you are missing out on.
11:15 am: Wonder if you are getting enough oxygen having not set foot outdoors all day long.
11:25 am: Chop veggies for the stuffed pumpkin (we are a partly vegetarian household.)
11:45 am: Stare at laptop.
11:50 am: Worry that there is something wrong with your breathing patterns.
11:52 am: Crack open a window to increase oxygen flow.
11:53 am: Stare at laptop.
12:15 pm: Bake graham cracker crust and mix up pumpkin pie filling.
12:45 pm: Stare at laptop.

And so it went...until 11:45 pm when I *finally* finished the dreaded paper, only to discover email was not working and I wouldn't be able to send it out before 12.30am.

Remarkably, the heart palpitations and erratic breathing cleared around the same time.Image from

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WendyB said...

Sounds like a typical day for me.