Friday, November 16, 2007

Miss Sixty

The first time I heard about a brand called, Miss Sixty, it was in the context of someone wanting to buy their mom a t-shirt (the mom was turning sixty.) A cute idea if your mom can pull off the high fashion look! I am now always on the lookout for Miss Sixty Clothes. You can find the line at Macy's as well as other department stores. Inspired by Miss Sixty jewelry I decided to try a hand at incorporation of silver wings:

It worked out well as a bad bout of repetitive stress in my right arm and hand prevents me from doing too much detailed work these days. Charm necklaces are usually not as fabulous as the multistranded bepearled and dangly sorts of things I generally like to make, but they do have a a fun, casual elegance to them! And maybe someday the back pain and nerve pinching will ease up enough for me to do some more involved pieces again. Until that time, I might have to stick with fun and charming...
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