Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dress obsessed

I don't usually buy dresses. In fact, until recently, I had been wearing my High School junior prom dress to every wedding and/or formal event. Deciding it was time to move on and buy something new, I took a shopping day in Philadelphia as my chance to see what's available.

One of my good friends took me into MaxStudio. It was my lucky day. The shop had a little black dress in just my size and just my style. But the dress obsession didn't end there. My friend convinced me to try on a dress that I never would have looked at otherwise. It was a red cut out halter dress with black velvet patterning. I figured, why not indulge? The dress was one size too big, but it was unbelievably comfortable and really really unique! I decided to seek it out (in my size) once I got back to Boston. Sadly, upon entering the MaxStudio in Boston I was informed that the dress had been sold out, not once, but twice! Apparently they got the dress in two shipments and each time it disappeared off the rack.

Me: I'm looking for a red and black velvet trimmed dress...

MaxStudio: I know EXACTLY the dress you are talking about! We sold out twice!

Me: Oh no!

MaxStudio: Yah, it was such a gorgeous piece and such an amazing DEAL at $158!

Me: I KNOW. SUCH a great deal!
(...says the girl who keeps all her pennies in a jar which she then counts up into 50 cent rolls to deposit in her bank account every few months; the girl who meticulously adds up EVERY single receipt and berates herself for spending too much money on coffee; the girl who ONLY buys clothes that are on the super-discounted rack...)

Normally I would not care to be in on the dress obsessions of Bostonians (known for their total lack of style,) but my underlying competitive side kicked in. In an uncharacteristic move I went and bought the dress online. It arrived in perfect condition a few days later. Now, I just need a really good excuse to wear it out. Let's hope I don't run into one of the other 10 people in Boston who also own this dress.
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Chic and Charming said...

yayay!! You bought it! We have to take that dress out on the town for cocktails.

flutterbyblue said...

Definitely! Otherwise I'll just be wearing it around the house or out to pick up the dry cleaning...:)