Saturday, November 10, 2007


After several years of hearing about my friend's favorite pub ever, I finally had a chance to head to Monk's in Philadelphia. High praise means high expectations (I'd heard of plans to spend bachelor parties at this place.) Being a huge fan of good beer on tap, I wasn't disappointed. Monk's is small, cozy and dark in the been-there-forever-but-without-the-sticky-floors kind of way. Be prepared to wait for your dinner because tables are hard to come by. Although the number of beers on tap can't compare to that of Sunset or the Public House in Brookline, the atmosphere more than makes up for it. I had a Geants Goliath while waiting for a table. This triple beer was described as having a "Golden/Orange color. Medium body. A bit of sweetness in the front, but finishes somewhat dry. Hints of fresh stone fruit (peaches?). Yummy!" ("Yummy" was actually written on the beer list.)

For two nights in a row I ordered the most expensive item on the menu: the Rochefort-stuffed filet mignon grilled medium rare and topped with Rochefort 10° Trappist Ale sauce (someone else was paying.) The first night, my cut was fabulous. The second night, the sauce was fantastic, but the meat was a bit on the fatty side. Ah well. I sopped up all the delicious juices with the homemade mashed potatoes and was still quite satisfied.

I would definitely go back again.


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264 S 16th St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 545-7005

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