Friday, November 16, 2007

Alex Sepkus jewelry

With the flurry of friends and coworkers getting engaged and married these days I sometimes feel like I'm surrounded by RING OBSESSED FREAKS. I am, of course, including myself.
Recently we've returned to designer, Alex Sepkus, and the question of the day:

Will an Alex Sepkus ring go with a classic diamond solitaire?

Our opinion was that it's hard to go wrong with platinum and diamonds, but we'd have to see the pairing in person to be sure.

Alex Sepkus' pieces are a combination of fun and elegance. The incredible metalwork mixed with gemstones is unrivaled. Although his style is certainly modern, there is a timeless old-world quality to his designs. Since I believe in living vicariously when it comes to owning diamonds, I really do hope that my co-worker picks out her wedding band from the Alex Sepkus collection! If I were her I would just sit and stare at my finger all day long. Very unproductive...almost as unproductive is sitting and staring at computer images of Alex Sepkus rings!Images from


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