Friday, August 31, 2007

Yum Yum Getcha Some!

One of my favorite things in life are freebies - small and useless, sample sized and very occasionally, a pretty good deal. While hanging out at a girlfriend's apartment I had the opportunity to sniff through a range of homemade lotions she gives out as 'freebies' to her customers. I liked the stuff so much I am actually considering BUYING some of my own. Now there's freebie success story!

Sugar lips is run by a licensed esthetician (skin care specialist) who makes her own stuff from safe, animal-testing-free, easy-on-the-skin ingredients and packs it all up in really cute jars. She offers a range of yummy-smelling scents from Orange Blossom and Honey to Lavender Vanilla. My personal favorite is Olive Blossom from her 'botanicals' line. The body butters are thick and creamy, but go on smooth and silky, absorbing into the skin without that greasy after-feel.

Not sure which scent you want to buy? Why not order a sample size?

Or you can always just buy something from Pequitobun and let the freebie sampler be a surprise!


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