Friday, August 10, 2007

Visual POP

What generally appeals to me most on any shopping foray is packaging. Sure, product quality makes a big difference, but if it's wrapped in ribbon, covered in attractive print, comes in a funky shape or has...**sparkles** I am ALL for it, whatever that product might be. As it turns out, I am not the only one caught up by the commericialization of visual pop. The New York Times published an article on this very topic! I don't even like Mountain Dew, but if I saw these bottles on a shelf I'd definitely consider buying one. Apparently Pepsi is experimenting with various bottle designs that will be changed 12 times from May to October. One could collect the whole set! Sadly, these funky-looking bottles are only sold in eastern Virginia, but it may only be a matter of time before they are here in Boston.

I wish I could claim that I am above the rampant consumerism plaguing our country...but I'm not. One of my favorite mall stores to wander though is Sephora. Now there's a shop that knows how to package a product! Items come in all shades, sparkly, matte, sheer, encased in pretty plastic boxes, dangling from gold chain, in slender sticks or handy travel sized, dual ended permanent, flavored, scented or multifunctional. And that's just the lipglosses. My favorite lip item was introduced to me by a friend: Benetint by Benefit. This stuff will keep your lips and cheeks nice and pink throughout the day. The color is ruby-tinted, but naturally sheer. My favorite use is for lips topped with a clear gloss for added shine. Allegedly this product was originally used by strippers as a nipple tint. Could be heresay, but I think it makes the lip color just all that more intriguing!


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