Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Living Legends

At a work BBQ I ran into a young student who happened to have gone to the same high school as myself. It’s not often that I run into people from Wayland so we chatted a bit. While attempting to recall exactly when I graduated from high school I began to realize just how old I really am. I nearly ran out of fingers counting off the years. In a futile effort to connect with the younger generation I mentioned that I have a younger brother, perhaps she knew him?

“What’s his name?” She asked.

I told her. (slightly bored)

“You’re HIS sister??!!” (incredulous.) “Why, he’s a total LEGEND!!!” (extremely excited)

Despite the look of baffled disbelief on my face she continued on about the coolness of my little brother. After recovering from the shock I turned this bizarre concept over in my head. I suppose it’s not all that surprising. My brother at one time or another kept his hair spiked up with highlights and he certainly exudes a friendly laidback attitude. The number one “LEGEND” factor was of course, the fact that he had been in an a cappella group.

In any case, just because I think of him as that scrawny little kid who ran through sprinklers in the summer and had a whole crate of stuffed animals, including a pale blue W-shaped hippo called, Wippo, doesn’t mean other people wouldn’t find him totally cool. The funny thing is, after talking with this girl I felt distinctly UNcool. At least when these moments of insecurity arrive, I can rest assure…

…I am the sister of a living legend.


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Katherine said...

That is the funniest thing I've ever heard.