Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Byrne and Carlson chocolate

Sometimes the best places you find are by accident. While walking down a pleasant street in historic Portsmouth we happened upon a small chocolate shop next to one of the many art galleries in town. I was immediately drawn to the chipotle dark chocolate and sea salt bar. It had just the right amount of smoky spiciness that paired well with the lush, hand-poured dark chocolate. A sprinkling of sea salt on top really brought out all the flavors, meldeding well to form this delicious treat.

Byrne and Carlson make their own confections by hand using chocolate from France, Belgium and Venezuela. They roast their own nuts and use fresh cream from local dairies, real fruits and fine liqueurs. Everything they make is produced in small quantities to ensure freshness (which sometimes means your favorite chocolate bar might not be in stock!)

In a town full of cute little shops, this is one of my favorites. It has a quaint, old-world feel, from the plush carpet to the sparkling glass cases of sweet treats to tempt your wallet. And hey, they even carry Australian red licorice!

Byrne and Carlson
121 State Street
Portsmouth, NH

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Boudoir said...

so pretty and so delish! ;-D