Sunday, August 26, 2007

Boutique Fabulous

While on a nightly jaunt in search of cheap beer and good bar snacks, I happened to pass one intriguing-looking shop. It was filled with vintage dresses, elegant floral printed plates, letterpress cards and every assortment of trendy little baubles for the home. Sadly, although the shop was open from 10am-11pm, I was running late and had no time to go inside. I would have to return another day.

The next evening I walked back to Inman Square and was pleased to find that Boutique Fabulous was open and ready for business! I walked in and was immediately blown away by the sheer amount of adorable (and fabulous) items stacked upon vintage tables and cabinets. From housewares to vintage hats and shoes, antique furniture to handmade jewelry, this shop had it all -- one-of-a-kind, vintage, new or handmade -- crammed into corners, displayed on lace doilies or hanging from the artistically decorated high ceiling. I sniffed candles smelling of Cilantro, Moroccan Spice and Grapefruit, I touched vintage furs and tried on movie star sunglasses, I oggled the enormous vintage French posters and examined handmade cards and hand-painted ceramic plates. Here was a place to browse for hours given the chance. If only I had a fabulous paycheck to go with my fabulous shopping appetite!

Boutique Fabulous
"Where fabulous people get their style"
1309 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

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