Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Charming obsessions

There is something so extremely girly and alluring about charms. Even from a very young age I loved tacky jewelry that had cute, colorful, sparkly things dangling off. And remember those candy necklaces you used to wear in high school? They're still around. Check out Sweet Factory or any local penny candy shop! As one gets older, the tacky plastic becomes less socially acceptable (not that this stops some people from wearing it, of course!) I am now obsessed with charms made of brass, silver and gold. Some of my favorite etsy shops include the Made-in-England, Hoolala. I especially love her Pride and Prejudice and Alice in Wonderland themed pieces!

Another good shop is ShaLayne Originals which occasionally showcases some very elaborate pieces such a this gorgeous charm bracelet:

Maybe someday I'll have the gumption to make my own charm bracelet. Until then, I'll content myself with just using a cute charm here and there.


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