Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Corks and Curds

It's not that I don't like cheap wine...I just choose not to drink it.

Spending one's extended graduate lifetime working for a boss who loves the good stuff makes it hard not to become a slight snob yourself when it comes to wine. Of course, good wine does not have to be expensive (in fact, it can sometimes be free!) A small shop in Portsmouth, Corks and Curds offers daily wine tastings that depend upon the whim of the fashionably dressed co-owner, Eldon Collymore. He'll pour you three generous tastings of a delicate Spanish rosé, a fruity white and delicious red (or whatever he feels like pouring that particular day,) all the while talking about just how much he loves this stuff. There is also a selection of excellent high-end cheeses available at this tiny shop. Offer to buy a bottle of the (very reasonably priced) red and Eldon will pour you another glass, on the house. Why not?

Another good spot (but with less character) is The Wine Gallery in Brookline. Not only do they have an impressive selection of beer, they also have a free, aptly named, Wine JUKEBOX.* Now there's a fun place to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Corks and Curds
13 Commercial Alley
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Wine Gallery Brookline
375 Boylston Street
Brookline, MA 02445
(617) 277-5522

*The Wine Jukebox is an Italian-made wine preservation system that dispenses half-ounce samples of 48 wines: 16 whites in a straight-line chiller; and 32 reds in two round carousels.

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