Sunday, September 2, 2007

chandeliers and an Antoinette couch

One of the drawbacks of being a graduate student is the constant need for thrift when it comes to all aspects of life. We seek out cheap (or free) beer, the half-priced appetizers at Happy Hour and shop in the discount section of every store (or at least we should!) So when the mood strikes and I feel like getting a chandelier for my apartment, I won't be going to Neena's. There are, however, some attractive alternatives. Right now I'm quite taken with the idea of a wall decal. It takes up no space, requires no fixture installation, and can fill up a bare wall rather creatively.

Another possibility is this cut out version from Urban Outfitters. It's mod and functional at the same time!

Of course the things I'd really like to buy,

a. wouldn't fit in my apartment and

b. I can't really afford...

...but it doesn't hurt to look! I'm not as fascinated by French decor as some of my friends (check out Chic and Charming!) but if I had plenty of money to spend, I might consider this pretty Marie Antoinette-inspired couch!Well, until the day I can afford something not off the discount rack, I'll just have to satisfy my shopping cravings with some serious window shopping (and maybe a wall decal.)



pahkcah02 said...

How are you supposed to watch TV on a couch like that????

flutterbyblue said...

lol!!! I suppose it's more of a decorative sort of couch than a functional one. :)

Chic and Charming said... are totally right I'm pretty obsessed with French decorating (and food...). I did however find another affordable "chandelier" option I thought you should check out:
I think it could be super cute in your bathroom. You could light the candles and take a candlelit bubble bath, with each candle suspended in its own little bubble. So surreal and so perfect!