Sunday, September 30, 2007

Marshmallow Bunny Apocalypse

I know it's not that time of year, but I have always been disgusted by/inexplicably drawn to the bizarre marshmallow treats sold around Easter. They are brightly colored, coated in sugar and not exactly the tastiest candy around. While sitting at work, unsuccessfully trying to block out the soft rock music my co-working is blasting off his computer, I came upon a fascinating website called, Marshmallow Bunny Apocalypse. As its title implies, BUNNYOCALYPSE is a gallery of episodes detailing the on-going Marshmallow Bunny Apocalypse. New episodes are posted around the Easter season (when Marshmallow Peeps are available.)

The internet is such a fabulous place to waste an afternoon.

If only it had a cure for soft rock. I'll keep looking...


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