Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mini Beans in silver

While perusing the displays at Tiffany&Co, reluctant boyfriend in tow, I was drawn to the simplest of designs, the Tiffany silver Bean. My astute boyfriend displayed surprising confusion as to the significance of the Bean. Sadly, I had no good explanation at the time aside from girly exclamations such as, "Well, I like it!" or "...because it's pretty!" Determined to come up with a better comeback, I did a little research.

The Tiffany bean was designed by Elsa Peretti, known for the fluid lines, sensual forms and graceful timelessnes of her pieces. Just as Chanel never forgot she was a peasant, Peretti still wanted to remember the simple things in life. Her beans are ordinary in shape, yet extraordinary in their craftmanship. They are beautiful to look at and beautiful to touch. Cliché yet classy in that subdued simple-yet-elegant sort of way.

Yep, I want one.


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