Saturday, June 2, 2007

wishful thinking...

Savenor's Market
Just down the street from my new digs is a small little gourmet market that Julia Child once frequented back when she lived in here in Cambridge. I walked past Savenor's a little before 9am when the place opened and drooled over the precious cooking oils, imported dried mushrooms and glass jars of spices lining the windows. On the way back from the more affordable Market Basket down the road, I was tempted by the cheese display beckoning from the entrance and returned to peruse the gorgeous produce section of this beautiful shop. There were picture-perfect tiny pearl onions and bright red vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh Belgium endive and Bibb lettuce. However it was the unbelievable meat section that really caught my eye. Ostrich and kobe beef patties and rack of lamb - bright red cuts all worthy of any Julia Child menu! In the refridgerated case sat tubs of black and white truffle flavored butter, ice cream from Herrel's and other delicious treats. The impressive gourmet chocolate display featured tastings form around the world, while the dried pasta section came mainly from Italy.

This place is absolutely worth a visit. Warning: just don't start a tab...


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