Friday, June 29, 2007

summer nights and summer drinks

Having just moved across the river to Cambridge I am always on the scout for new, fun places to spend those long summer nights. My favorite outdoor location is currently the rooftop terrace of Daedalus, located right in Harvard Square. Friends of ours know the owner and get their free beers served at the outdoor cedar tables. From this vantage point one can gaze up at the summer stars through the treetops without the distraction of the noise and bustle of the street down below. Go up to the bar and order a well-made gin and tonic or request something "fruity" from the bartender. He might recommend a mean coconut Mai Tai his fellow bartender makes with Malibu rum, pineapple juice, a splash of grenadine all drizzled with a little dark rum. "It's deadly." he warns as you take in the mellow lighting of the third floor bar.

For nights when the rain keeps me from venturing out too far, my favorite indoor spot becomes Dali's, located just across the Cambridge/Somerville border. Walk through the cave-like entryway and you are transported to an atmospheric tapas bar in Spain with a surrealist twist. Vines of garlic and dried chilis hang from the ceiling along with a variety of odd acutriments straight out of a Dali painting. Share a pitcher of delicious sangria served up at the bar along with a selection of tapas. The candlit room has a warm, romantic feel, possibly due to the red painted walls or perhaps it's the distinctly Spanish bar staff and clientele.


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