Monday, June 11, 2007

birds of a feather

My latest favorite website is one I discovered through Pequitobun, so this is also another plug for her! Rare Bird Finds is a fabulous shopping blog featuring all sorts of unique gifts and treasures. From jewelry to housewares to stationary and clothes -- this website has it all and tells you where to buy it! I love this cool-looking sea urchin lamp. Of course, it's totally impractical (imagine the terror of trying to dust this item...) but blogs don't have to be about practicality, do they?

Having just moved house I am obsessed with all sorts of houseware items. The new apartment is old which means anything above a 60-watt bulb could result in a blown fuse, so perhaps candles are the way to go? These lovely Kyoto lanterns are perfect for summer! They certainly lend more tasteful ambiance than the garish overhead lighting in my livingroom/diningroom...

All details for these items and more can be found at Rare Bird Finds, (which incidentally, was nominated for best shopping blog by the blogger's choice awards!)

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