Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Some mornings I’ll hit the snooze button for up to an hour or two. Not unlike other bad habits such as smoking or drinking, snoozing is one hard habit to kick!

If you’ve ever had trouble waking up in the mornings, perhaps this little clock is just the thing! When the alarm goes off, Clocky will roll off your bedside table and wheel away, randomly bumping into objects on the floor until finding a suitable spot to rest. The alarm will sound again and you, the over-sleeper, will have to get out of bed in search of your runaway alarm clock.

After much anticipation, Clocky, an academic research project designed by Gauri Nanda of MIT, has finally become commercially available. Clocky was originally outfitted in brown shag, but now has a newer, slicker exterior. To be honest, I miss the brown shag! Maybe soon they'll come out with a furry covering for Clocky, in which case I may have to spring for the new model!

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