Monday, June 18, 2007

Respect Beer

Fact or hearsay?

In 1888, naturalist, John Lubbock observed that experimentally intoxicated ants would be picked up by nest mates and carried home. Drunken stranger ants would be tossed in a ditch.

In order to regulate beer quality, ancient Babylonians, decreed that any commercial beermaker who sold unfit beer would be drowned in his/her own libation.

People who weigh less or have a higher percentage of body fat are more affected by alcohol.

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to try out Boston's American Beer Fest held at the Cyclorama in the South End. Beer Fest, sponsored by the Beeradvocate, happens several times a year. The Fests generally have themes (lagers, Belgium beers, unusual beers etc...) and on Saturday the theme was wide open. Brewers from all over the United States gathered together to showcase a few of their trademark brews, from light German style Hefe Weizens with hints of banana or clove to chocolate or coffee-infused stouts.

Beer lectures were held on the side for those wanting to take a break from wandering around the various stalls and a selection of appropriately heavy foods were available to help soak up the beer. My all-time-favorite was the freshly made Belgium waffle, served warm, thick and chewy with a layer of carmelized sugar embeded in the crust.

Being a woman who loves beer is often a trying experience. Fruity cocktails are ok every once in a while, but a nice cold beer is generally my preferred evening beverage. Often my appreciation falls on deaf ears if I'm in the company of other girls, but every now and then I run into fellow female beer aficionados. At Beer Fest this year the percentage of women astounded many. Where did they all come from and what were they doing here? Based on the extraordinarily long lines for the women's restroom I would conclude that yes, women do appreciate beer!


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Boudoir Betty said...

I like that bit about the Babylonians. At the very least, bad beer makers today should be forced to drink their swill with all three meals until they rid the world of it.