Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pixi clothes!

One of my favorite shops in Allston is an adorable little spot called Pixi Accessories. Run entirely by cute little asian girls (or so it seems!) this place is filled to the brim with unique dresses, tops and skirts that are all fun, funky and fashionable. Unlike at some other trendy boutiques, one can actually afford the clothes tried on at Pixi (even if you are on a graduate student stipend!) Pixi Accessories also carries an array of retro shoes and hats along with a surprising collection of sparkling costume jewelry. Here is the place to buy a gaudy gold and faux pearl necklace à la Mode or a set of ridiculous hoop earrings. Personally, I am drawn back every time for the pretty little summer dresses in vintage-style fabric and the brightly colored flowing tops - perfect for the season! If only they sold online!

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