Tuesday, April 1, 2008


When leggings came back into style some years ago, I merely rolled my eyes. After all, such a fashion faux pas could not POSSIBLY make a serious comeback for long. Leggings, along with tapered jeans with zippers, were throwback items from the 80's that (I repeat) could not POSSIBLY make a serious comeback.

It is now Spring of 2008 and the leggings have not exited the fashion realm. I wrote a blog entry in which I featured a particularly grievous item, a pair of shiny bright blue footless tights from American Apparel.

I actually LIKE American Apparel. Their t-shirt fabric is comfortable and supposedly sweatshop free. They treat their employees well and feature said employees on their online catalog. That's all well and good. It does not, however, explain this:

Aptly named, "Vegas," these high-waisted leggings (that's right, I said HIGH-WAISTED leggings) are made with matrix foil nylon spandex. The photo does not do the hologram effect justice. And for a mere $45, these babies can be yours.

All I can figure is that the model wearing these reflective leggings didn't oppose to having her photo taken because it would only be shown from the (high) waist down. To be honest, I can't quite figure out how one would wear such an item. If one is obscene enough to buy a pair, then one really ought to showcase them at full exposure, perhaps pairing with reflective sunglasses and a matching halter top (if there exists such an item!)

Well, my fashion commentary has about reached it's end. If hologram leggings are not your style, then I leave you with these:

Opaque two color Pantyhose.

For the inner Jester in you...

Images lifted from http://store.americanapparel.net
Jester image lifted from www.buycostumes.com


pahkcah02 said...

That's horrendous. Thank goodness I live in Boston, where preppy (and flattering!) country club wear is still considered the height of fashion.

flutterbyblue said...

Ha. true enough! Although I was at Daedalus the other night and saw a guy dressed in salmon pink pants with matching pink and blue striped tie. Not as bad as the jester look, but the social connotations of the prep-school-gleeclub look kind of make gag.