Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Top 10 fashion "must-haves" of 2007

So here is where I provide my unsolicited opinion on the Top 10 fashion "must-haves" of 2007 according to Time:

#1. The Tent Dress
This 1960's throwback appeared all over the place, from H&M to Neiman Marcus. Even American Apparel came out with a version. It's not that I have anything against the tent dress (other than the blah-name), but I probably wouldn't buy one for myself.

#2. White Sunglasses
Not too fond of these. White can look cheap and gets dirty easily. Maybe if one had a really expensive pair and happened to be walking down a really nice red carpet, it might be acceptable. I'd much rather have a pair of Ed Hardy sunnies!

#3. High-Waisted Jeans
Have to admit, another blogger already said it all. See Strictly Fabulous Style! I do have to say, these have the potential to look REALLY unflattering. It's not that I think everyone should wear the low-slung crack-baring style of jean, but the high-waist on the wrong body type can also be a true fashion disaster. Plus I figure if high-waisted jeans can make Mischa Barton look sort of dumpy, it doesn't bode well for the rest of us.

#4. Day Clutch
I do love clutches...of the elegant evening variety. During the day when I care about function and practicality I prefer to reduce my risk of losing my keys, cell phone and wallet, not increase it. Why would one carry around something that could very easily be left on the bus or train? Maybe I just lack the skills of a lady, but I imagine it would be very difficult to juggle the travel mug, umbrella AND a large day clutch while trying to fumble with my keys or I.D. badge. Furthermore, winter is the time of large, icy puddles. Imagine dropping that brand new day clutch into a particularly slushy pothole...

#5. Ankle Boots
I like ankle boots. I would never wear them often enough to justify the purchase, but they are quite trendy and lady-like. Alternatively, they can look very hip and rocker-chic. Either way, if you can pull it off, definitely do!

#6. Vests
I nearly bought a tuxedo version at H&M but it sold out before I could make up my mind. In restrospect I'm glad I didn't spring for the vest as it seems like the sort of trend that will be very short-lived...(and there are better fashion options out there anyhow!)

#7. Fedoras
Cute on some hipsters, gangsters and the occasional supermodel. On the everyday person, they just make it look like you are trying too hard to be cool.

#8. Bright Tights
omg. (See Chic&Charming entry on American Apparel.)

#9. Red Lipstick
#10. Cocktail Rings
Ok, FINALLY two things I would actually wear! I love red lipstick. Or rather, I love red lipgloss (never been much of a lipstick kind of girl. Red is bold, glam and a very worthy 2007 "must-have" in my opinion! Cocktail rings are also fabulous for a fun night out.

Images from www.dressaday.com, www.time.com, shop.nordstrom.com and americanapparel.net


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