Tuesday, January 15, 2008


After watching the ad for the new MacBook Air on my crappy, slow-as-molasses iMac, I couldn't help but feel a wee bit frustrated. My last laptop aided in the current post-repetitive stress of my right hand, not to mention the many hours spent staring at the multi-colored whirly gig as it spun in endless circles while trying to load a web page. I then moved on to an iMac with improved keyboard ergonomics in order to improve my work station. Instead of spending hours hunched over an over-heating laptop in frustration, I now spend hours sitting upright at my desk in frustration. Have to admit, the MacBook Air is appealingly slick and beautiful. Maybe one of these days when this hunk of junk has finally broken down completely (likely due to one too many useless data charts for a far too useless thesis project) I'll be willing to cough up the $2,000 to buy one for myself. Until that time, I'll just have to content myself with watching apple ads between whirly-gig pauses and painfully watching each word I type appear a few seconds after it should. Ah, there goes that whirly-gig again...

Yours, in frustration,


pahkcah02 said...

Your laptop is only a few years old and shouldn't be as slow as you describe. Next time I see you I'll try to clean it out but in the meantime try downloading an anti-spyware program (SpyBot or Ad-Aware are free) and make sure that your virus defs are up to date. Defragging your harddrive may help as well.

flutterbyblue said...

I would love to download a good anti-spyware program...unfortunately it seems like most of the anti-spyware is for the PC, not the mac!