Wednesday, January 2, 2008

DIY demotivational poster

Living with a vegetarian can have its perks. I eat a lot more vegetables and probably have a smaller ecological "footprint" (due to my lack of steak intake.) On the other hand, this particular vegetarian seems to come with a heightened sense of "healthfulness" regardless of whether or not the food is veggie-friendly. After getting crap about making one too many creamy sauces over non-whole-wheat pasta and using too much butter (ie any butter at all) for the veggie saut├ęs, I've learned to channel my foodie needs through a new brand of medium. Namely,, one fabulous source of demotivational slogans. A new feature of this site is the DIY section where one can upload an image of choice and add a custom made slogan. Here's mine:

Image from Jarosch Bakery

Pretty awesome.

Looks like someone will be cooking for himself this week.


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