Monday, January 21, 2008

On untraditional weddings and bamboo utensils

This past weekend I had the opportunity to check out the Central Park Zoo for the very first time. We took a cab to 59th and 5th and were lost as soon as we stepped out of the cab. It seemed like every person we stopped to ask for directions happened to be French:

They would shake their heads and say, "Sorry, I'm French!"

Sorry, indeed! After much wandering about in the cold and dark we ran into some people in heels and suits. Following them through the trees and wrought iron fences we finally made our way to the Rainforest Exhibit at the Central Park Zoo.

My friend, the bride, is above all things, an environmentalist through and through. So it was not at all surprising to me that the reception would take place along the winding paths beneath umbrella canopies of Rainforst-inspired trees and fronds. The food, passed by waiters (no buffet tables allowed due to the dangers of dive-bombing tropical birds) was served on bamboo plates with bamboo utensils. The beef came from local grass-fed cows, the chicken salad was free-range and the cups were made from corn byproduct. Having once been accused of being a "tree-hugging bahk eater" by my college roommate, this event truly put me to shame.

We spent the evening examining the impressive immobility of tree frogs and geckos and the incredible mobility of little furry fruit bats. We debated whether or not the trees were real or constructed with a couple that had met in Denali National Park, and discussed the drawbacks of having free flying tropical birds with the wedding photographer (while texting on his blackberry, he got a doozie of a splasher right on top of the screen.)

There was no music aside from the clamor of nightly creatures, the rustling of leaves and the hum of the wedding guests. All-in-all it was a pretty fun and interesting evening! And the filet mignon from that grass-fed, locally grown cow was AMAZINGLY delicious...

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pahkcah02 said...

Tree hugging bark eater? hahaha! Yeah, you caught me....that's totally something I would call you. Actually, the theme of your wedding sounds like a ton of fun. I love unique weddings!