Friday, January 4, 2008


The plan was to have only one after dinner.

Just one.

One adorable dipped chocolate truffle. When I opened the box the melliferous smell of delicious chocolate and praline was almost to much to bear. I munched down one piece in the shape of a milk chocolate mouse: whiskers, nose, tail and all. The texture was soft and delicious with hints of nuts. Delish! Although I had planned on only eating one (they were almost too cute to eat!) I soon found myself snarfing down a white chocolate covered praline in the shape of a sleepy cate. I ate it head first so it's cute little chocolate piped eyes wouldn't rebuke me for long. Obviously these whimsical little treats weren't going to last long in my house.

Ah well. I would just have to go back to the shop for more.

Moonstruck Chocolate makes truffles by hand with fresh ingredients. Each piece is hand poured, piped or rolled in the morning, then decorated to perfection. Shops can be found in a few locations, including the Natick Collection in Massachusetts and a couple of spots on Portland, Oregon (more on this later.)

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Chic and Charming said...

I picked some up and was kind of disappointed :(