Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Gossip Girl is no longer available online...

“While the buzz on the show has remained strong, we decided to have it be that you can only get it on our airwaves,” said a CW spokesman, who deemed the withdrawal an “experimental” move. “We’ll see if that at all impacts the numbers.”

Unfortunately, this fan will not be switching to the "airwaves."

#1. I work late on weeknights and won't be home by an 8pm showtime.
#2. I don't even own cable.

...not even for the guilty pleasure of knowing the fates of Blair and Serena (and certainly not to prove the CW right in their "experimental" move.)


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pahkcah02 said...

CW is upset because while only 2.5 million viewers tune into the broadcast version of the show, billions more apparently download directly from their site. The bottom line is that they haven't figured out how to craft a revenue model for website streaming. I believe that you can still pay for it on iTunes. If that doesn't work, check out YouTube.