Sunday, April 27, 2008

(Lil) Green Patch

Click on the widget and save 1 square foot of Rainforest!

For some reason these (Lil) Green Patch plants have always weirded me out. I mean, what kind of plant has arms, legs and an anime-style face? On the other hand, sending "plants" to 10 friends on facebook supposedly saves 1 square foot of rainforest from deforestation. The developers of (Lil) Green Patch are using sponsorship revenue from advertisers to make donations to the Nature Conservancy's Adopt an Acre program. Adopt an Acre is a program that provides critical funds for rainforest protection and restoration. I figure if I'm going to waste time on facebook, I may as well save some Rainforest while I'm at it.

(Lil) Green Patch has so far saved 2,487,426 Sqft of Rainforest on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Think of how happy this has made the butterflies.


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