Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brooks Brothers

While I admit to having little insight into the style savy of the fashion elite, when it comes to men's clothing, Brooks Brother's has gone too far:

A cape is NEVER ACCEPTABLE on a man, unless it is Halloween or a Jane Austen movie.

In a noble effort to draw in a younger, hipper crowd (perhaps the older generation isn't buying enough overpriced stodgy clothes?) the new high-end collection, Black Fleece, by Thom Browne was introduced in true blue blood fashion. The ankle-baring gray flannel suits and cropped jackets are novel concepts for the old world Brooks Brothers brand.

I'll admit, the dapper look still has it's appeal. With the popularity of Gossip Girl on the rise, it would not surprise me if the preppy-Upper-East-side look really takes hold. I actually wouldn't mind seeing a little more of this old school style with a modern twist.

Find out just how much Brooks Brothers paid for the trendy Thom Browne Collection on the Wall Street Journal

...and about that $2,500 men's cape...


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