Tuesday, July 3, 2007

slug lights

Candeloo lights are my new useless household item of choice! Designed by Andreu Oaika in 2002 these magical, rechargeable lights are sure to inspire even the most grown-up almost-grown-ups among us.

Candeloos come in blue/green or orange/fuschia and are guaranteed to add a bit of impractical flavor to your home. You can buy them online at any number of online retailers or at select local shops such as risd|works in downtown Providence (see previous blog.)

We use our little lights (affectionately nicknamed, 'the slugs.') for those times when we can't be bothered to turn on the lights for that late-night bathroom trip. The nightlights are also particularly helpful in the event of a blackout as they automatically turn on when they are disconnected from their powersource.

So maybe my favorite useless household item isn't so useless after all!?


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