Friday, July 13, 2007

My latest obsession... with vintage liquor tags. Kind of a random thing to be hooked on, no? I was thinking they would make very interesting centerpieces for some of my jewelry pieces. I have been looking at sterling silver, silver plated and Limoges porcelain (this I had to look up.)

Limoges (Lemòtges / Limòtges in Occitan) is a city and commune in France, the préfecture of the Haute-Vienne département, and the administrative capital of the Limousin région. Limoges is known worldwide for its medieval enamels (Limoges enamels) on copper, for its 19th century porcelain (Limoges porcelain) and for its oak barrels (Limousin oak), which are used for Cognac production.

I ordered a couple of these hand painted porcelain hearts so we'll see how they turn out!


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Matthew Dong said...

Your blog puts my blog to shame. I can't even remember how to do all the confounded HTML crap anymore... I need to get back on my horse ;-).