Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I was walking down the street like on any normal day when a woman with big curly hair and movie star sunglasses grabbed my arm (she actually laid hands on me and pulled me towards her) and exclaimed, "I love your necklace!" Then she let me go. I laughed nervously and thanked her, half-wishing I had some business cards to hand her (half-glad I didn't in case she was stalker-ish.) While rubbing my bruised arm, I got to thinking today how nice it would be if we all had someone go out of their way to send us a positive affirmation. Wouldn't it be great if you were walking to the photocopy machine and a random co-worker pulled you aside to say (in a non-sketchy manner,) "I really like the way you hold yourself!" or if you were in line at Starbucks and one of your fellow patrons tapped you on the shoulder to remark, "Those shoes look great with your outfit!" I suppose this could be extended to less superficial compliments as well. Perhaps your boss might ask you to step into his/her office just to say, "You've been doing such a fabulous job at work -- I'm giving you a raise!" or your partner might turn to you during a commercial break to say, "You are the best TV-watching companion a girl/guy could ask for!" Wouldn't life be so much happier, richer and worth living?

Since one obviously can't rely on the random happy affirmation for every day of the week, why not rely on your very own Affirmation Ball instead? Back when I was in college I used to depend heavily on my Magic 8 Ball to inform me of various events (would I get an A on an exam? should I go out tonight?) and it pleases me to know that the Magic 8 Ball brand has since expanded into a variety of forms, including the wonderful Affirmation Ball. There's even a version online!

Having a bad day? (*shake*shake*) "At least I love you." is good.


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