Thursday, July 5, 2007

Australian licorice

Kookaburra licorice, imported from Australia, in my very biased opinion, is possibly the best licorice ever. I had my first taste this past year when a friend of mine brought in a bag of the Kookaburra Red. It was AMAZING. Unlike Twizzlers, which admittedly have their own appeal (more on this later,) Kookaburra Red comes in big, fat pieces that are just the right texture for munching. The licorice is soft and chewy with a good strawberry flavor without being overly sweet. In a matter of minutes the bag was emptied and we were left with the question, "Where do we find more?" Sadly, Kookaburra is not available in Boston (at least to our knowledge.) You can buy it online at any number of shops, including and the Kookaburra website. Whew!

While at a local Trader Joe's in Boston I came upon tubs of what looked to be a Kookaburra licorice look-alike! Darrell Lea makes a red licorice in the same size and shape as Kookaburra and get this, it's also from Australia! The flavor is not *quite* as good as Kookaburra, but for the convenience, it will more than suffice! I'm not sure what it is about those Australians, but they sure know how to make a damn good licorice!


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Scotty said...

Thanks for the post! Indeed, there is something about Australian licorice that is catching, if not addictive! I have actually resorted to ordering a $60 shipment from the company in Australia (rediculous, I know). Anyway, to re-affirm the previous post, the licorice I purchases from Trader Joes of Memorial Drive is strikingly similar.... not the same, but definately an acceptable substitute given the convenience!
-Scotty (Allston)