Saturday, May 19, 2007

PINK is my favorite color...

Well, it's not really...(I'll let you guess what my REAL favorite color might be!)...but who can resist a pair of petal pink stiletto heels?

pretty in pink
pretty in pink
Did you know that the stiletto heel is named after the stiletto dagger? They say that the heel of a stiletto shoe can transmit greater pressure than that exerted by an elephant standing on one foot. Now that's impressive!

This charming necklace is made in honor of opening weekend at the South End Market in Boston. Sadly, the weather here has been terribly cold and rainy, but hopefully tomorrow's opening day will go well! The SoWa Open Market hosts a wide variety of vendors, whether you're looking for hand-crafted accessories, original art, antiques or just a fresh loaf of bread, you'll find painters, sculptors, photographers, clothing and jewelry designers, milliners, handbag designers, house wares, antique dealers, florists, bakers, local farmer's produce, and much more every week! So if you are in the Boston area, it's worth a trip!


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