Friday, May 11, 2007

blogging confusion

After spending the better part of Friday playing with my brand new blog site (trying out some html and learning the ropes) I thought I was in pretty good shape to keep it up. Blogging is easy! Blogging is fun!

However, after spending an hour tonight just trying to log back IN to my account I am realizing this may take some getting used to. This is why I never majored in Computer Science back in college...

...and yet, she continues to plod on. My current plan is to launch a small summer collection in the coming weeks. If I could keep a secret it would have been a surprise, but already there is a new section in my etsy shop:

jours de la semaine

As one can't help but notice, nothing is listed as of yet.

Once my jewelry making skills catch up to my minimalist French capacity, I will let you know.

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