Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take me out to the (minor-league) ballgame...

This past Sunday we decided to check out the local minor-league team - the Cedar Rapids Kernals (as in corn kernals that is!)

The game was wholey entertaining. Between innings a local blond commentator would advertise Bud Light Beer then bring up a small child who had won a lottery for a $5 coupon to a nearby store. We sang Happy Birthday to two kids and watched three girls wearing inflatable Giant Eyeball costumes race from third base to home. During the 7th inning we watched high school girls in bright purple shirts try and move in-synch to the hamster dance song.

The game itself was also fantastic. Because the Kernals are a single-A team, you never know what might happen. Errors ran amuck and hilarity often ensued. I suppose it's wrong to laugh at people trying to make a living playing sports (it's not like I could ever hit an 80-mph ball), but it's all part of the game. When one of our companions started cheering wildly at the opposing team's homerun (the only homerun of the game), he turned to the flabbergasted fans and said, "What? That's exciting!"

Oddly enough one of the best players on the team was a little guy (5'8" or less) named Alexi Amarista from Venezuela - the kid got on base nearly every time he went to bat - and he could bunt!

After many fouls, errors and odd plays we just didn't understand (but we always applauded the effort), in the end, the Kernals took the day. And when beers, munchies and game tickets are all priced in the low single digits, the parking is free, and the kids get to run the bases and play catch in the outfield after the game - I call that a day worth spent!

~flutterbyblue (Kernals fan)

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