Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chocolate Block

While out shopping for new furniture, we came across a small chocolate shop at a strip mall off Highway 6. As a newbie to the Iowa City area, I am always on the lookout for another coffeeshop or (in this case) chocolate shop. The sign was somewhat hard to read from a distance, which would explain why I did not notice the place until we happened to be walking by. A sign out front stated the half dozen "flavors" of the day. Upon entering the shop I was pleased to discover that the "flavors" of the day were free samples! Highlights included the blueberry almond bark, the chocolate caramel, and the pecan pie truffle. The chocolate was excellent quality and at $10 per pound it seemed like a great deal. Then we found out that a free pound of Ceylan chocolate bark came with every pound purchased - an even better deal!

In the end, we walked away with 2 pounds of delicious high-quality chocolate for only 10 bucks. Only in Iowa...


Chocolate Block
Premium Chocolate Outlet
931 Highway 6, Iowa City
Ph: (319) 351-2227

p.s. Turns out I am not the only one who has discovered this gem of a shop!

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