Sunday, January 11, 2009

YakTrax: the best $20 I've spent in months...

For those of you living in the freezing climates of New England, mark my words:

YakTrax ROCK.

After spending years sliding across the icy sidewalks of Boston, I purchased a pair of Walker YakTrax at my friendly neighborhood EMS. This brilliant device is perfect for people like me - someone who risks their neck every time they set foot outside of the apartment in the dead of winter. I'm all for saving the environment, but when it comes to ice, there is no such thing as too much salting. Yes, it's bad for the water, and the grass, and probably any kind of living thing, but when my feet go flying, and there's that hard thud of my ass against ice, followed by the jarring of my brain against my skull, I really could give a %$@& about the birds.

Fortunately, those days of embarrassing ass slides are over! YakTrax are a lightweight traction device for shoes - any kind of shoes. Just pull them on over your toe and heel and these fabulous metal coils criss-cross your feet like a magical web of ice and snow protection. One can wear a pair of YakTrax and walk across the slickest and iciest of surfaces as if it were dry pavement - believe me, I've tried it. Pass by all those poor, defenseless YakTrax-less people with a hop, skip and a jump.

Happy YakTracking!


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