Saturday, January 3, 2009

SF: food in review

Arriving just in time for a late lunch the first day we stopped by Chutney, a Pakistani/Indian restaurant my family had recommended. We ordered at the counter, got our number on a stake, and went to find a table. The Vegi Biryani was delicious - served in a huge pile - hot, flavorful, full of perfectly cooked chunks of vegetables, and flavored with saffron. The Aloo Ghobi was even more delicious - slightly spicy, and a bit salty. It was all relatively affordable and judging by the clientele (Indian and Pakistani), definitely a good call. The service was fast, friendly and very casual. When we went back to the counter to pay for our meal, the guy asked us if $15 sounded about right.

Chutney Restaurant,
511 Jones St,
San Francisco,
CA 94102

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